Why NHS calorie advice is making the nation obese.

NHS guidelines that advise a man to eat 2500 calories a day and a woman to eat 2000 to maintain weight, are seriously flawed and may be partly responsible for the obesity epidemic say researchers.

Kate Walker from Diabetes and You, which studies Obesity and it’s medical consequences in order to deliver programs to diabetics, found that following the NHS advice was damaging to most people because they are based on Mr/Mrs average, the problem being that only a tiny proportion of people are anywhere near “average”.  Kate insists that the idea that a 4ft 10 Jockey should eat the same food as the heavyweight champion of the world is farcical, the guidelines fail to take account of the fact that everyone is different.

“the whole concept of calories as a measure of food value is flawed. “

Calories are meaningless because the way in which the calorific values of foods are determined bears absolutely no relation to the way our bodies process them.  Humans break down food with enzymes and bacteria in a chemical process that releases the energy in food and, more importantly, the nourishment. To determine the calorific value of food, the product is incinerated at high temperatures using electricity in a Bomb Calorimeter. Our bodies simply don’t work like that.

Steve Moylan from the web site BeNiceToYou.com said “Calories are nothing more than an unreliable measure of the energy potential in our food and bear absolutely no relation at all to how nourishing the food is. All foods contain calories to one degree or another, but not all foods contain nourishment. The wood that the desk in front of me is made from contains calories, but does that mean we should eat it? No! Forget calories, think nourishment. Nourishment is the minerals, vitamins and trace elements the body needs to build and replace the 3 million cells in the body that die every second. Calories don’t build cells.”

He continued “Junk food is called junk because it contains nothing of value to the body. There are many very high calorie foods that contain little or no nourishment and these tend to be manufactured foods. However, there are just as many low and high calorie foods that are packed with nourishment and these tend to be the more natural products”.

It doesn’t matter how many calories there are in the food we eat, the important thing is how much nourishment we are able to extract from the food. If we want to slim down as a nation and reverse the diabetes trend, we need to see our food differently. Food manufacturers like us to count calories because, when we do, that tends to be all we see. But counting calories doesn’t work because calories don’t matter. We need to look beyond the calories and see the nourishment in our food.Image


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