Is calorie counting killing us?

The diet industry, medical professionals and food manufacturers have all got us so fixated on the calories in our food that we have all lost sight of the only thing that truly matters, which is the nourishment.

I’m not talking nutrition labels, which often disguise the fact that the item inside the packet contains very little except the few calories the food manufacturer hasn’t been able to remove through processing, along with all the goodness. I’m talking about nourishment, the vitamins, minerals and amino acids that the body needs to replace the 300 million cells in our bodies that die every second. Calories don’t build new cells, they are just fuel.

In the modern world of fast food and processed meals, it is all too easy to eat 2500 calories and get almost no nourishment from that food. The bodies reaction to not getting what it needs is to crave more. So if we are obsessed with the calories, we overlook the goodness and it’s the goodness that really matters. The fact is that all foods contain calories, but not all foods contain nourishment.

The food manufacturing industry, at first resistant to food labelling, has now embraced the concept whole heartedly and incorporated it fully into it’s marketing of the food, using it as a method of selling you more of what is light, low fat, low calorie and, as a result, low in nourishment. If a cereal bar contains just 60 calories, but those calories are all sugar, then they are empty calories that you may as well not have eaten, in fact you would have probably got more nourishment from eating the label.

By counting calories we are not counting the nourishment. Nourishment is the building material of new cells and calories are the fuel we use to turn those building material into new cells. If we don’t have the nourishment to make new cells, we have an over supply of energy which then gets stored as fat. If we raise the nourishment levels in our food we give the body something to do with the energy, which is to repair our bodies.

Being fixated on the calories is killing us because it takes our eyes off the nourishment and, once you lose sight of the nourishment, it is then all too easy to fill our diets with empty calories that our bodies can do nothing with, except store it as fat.


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