Red Meat – What is all the fuss?

It was controversially reported yesterday that ’A diet high in red meat can shorten life expectancy, according to researchers at Harvard Medical School. The study of more than 120,000 people suggested red meat increased the risk of death from cancer and heart problems.’

How is it that in Argentina they eat more red meat than any other country yet have lower rates of colon cancer than the US? You can find statistics to back up any argument. It is not the meat that is the problem it is the chemicals and processing of the meat that is killing us. We are designed to eat meat, we are not designed to eat manmade chemicals.

Each year we eat, on average, our own body weight in chemicals (dry weight). This is a frightening fact, but with the amount of processing our foods go through in the name of making them ’tastier’, ‘safer’, ‘healthier’, and to give them a longer shelf life; is this really surprising?

All of this is at a cost to our health. It is not possible to say any one chemical is bad for you but if we take the 5,800 chemicals and additives legally allowed and put them all into a human cocktail shaker, YOU, what would be the effect? If we look at the incidence of ill health, from cancer to obesity, I feel it is self evident.

In addition to this, the body does not know what to do with many of the chemicals and toxins as it does not recognise what they are. So, it has to create a fat cell to store them in. This is why we are advised not to eat animal fat that are not organic. Animals, like us, store their toxins (the ones we are feeding them) in their fat cells. So, if we eat lots of chemicals then the body will have to make more fat cells, causing weight gain.

Chemicals appear everywhere from breakfast cereals to prepared vegetables and tinned goods, this is why we are constantly seeing news that another food is bad for us, it is full of chemicals. We cannot escape from them but we can definitely minimise the amount we eat. Cooking foods from scratch will cut out many of the preservatives and stabilises that are found in pre-packed foods. Using organic produce will cut back on the intake of fertilisers and hormones that non organic products are treated with.

In another study, by The National Cancer Institute of american, the Japanese-Hawaiian study showed that green beans, macaroni and peas have a greater chance of increased risk of colon cancer associated with those products than beef and lamb. As I say, you can find statistics to back any argument.


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